Family Firearms Training



Family Firearms Training

Our Family Firearms Training provides the opportunity to introduce your entire family to the world of firearms in a safe and controlled environment.  Firearms training helps to build self-confidence and courage, improves mental and physical discipline, reduces stress, and improves focus by “being in the moment.”

If you already have firearms, or are considering the purchase of a firearm, it is critically important that both adults and children in your household are enabled to understand and practice safe firearms handling.

Buds Gun Shop & Range instructors will train your family in firearms safety and handling in our classroom, then proceed to our climate-controlled, tactical/training range where those concepts will immediately be put into practice.  We will scale both the education and actual shooting exercises to levels appropriate for each family member.

Participants new to shooting usually mention how empowered they feel after training—and it’s exhilarating!  For children, firearms training frequently improves and enhances their sense of responsibility and instills a respect for firearms.

Please remember: regardless of your confidence in your child’s abilities, always secure your firearms from unauthorized access by employing a quality, secure, firearms safe or lockable storage container.

We provide everything you need for this event: safety instruction, firearms, ammunition, eye & ear protection, and a variety of targets.

Event duration: Two hours. ONLY $149 covers up to five family members!

To reserve a day and time for your family’s class, e-mail us today: