Team Building II: Drills, Relays, & More


Team-Building & Bonding Events

Team Building II: Drills, Relays & More!

Building on basic firearms skills learned in our “Team-Building I: Introduction to Firearms Training”, or for participants who already have experience with firearms, this fun-filled event will surely please the members of your team, group, or organization!   

As an experience designed for intermediate-level shooters; all group members should already know and have practiced the firearm safety rules, along with prior shooting experience, however we will provide a safety review and discuss operations of the specific firearms that will be utilized prior to live-fire.

Participants will enjoy shooting drills of various kinds, relays, fun targets, two-person and multiple-member team competitive and “working together” events.

It all adds up to a super time for everyone!

Firearms training builds self-confidence and courage, improves mental and physical discipline, reduces stress, and improves focus by “being in the moment.”

Participants usually mention how empowered they feel after training—and it’s exhilarating!

We provide everything you need for this event: firearms, ammunition, eye & ear protection, and a variety of targets. 

Event duration: Two hours.  We can structure morning, afternoon, or evening events tailored just for your group.

Contact us for pricing—we look forward to serving you and your team at Buds Gun Shop & Range!

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