Training Simulator


15 minutes: $15.00
30 minutes: $25.00

Practical Shooting

The world of shooting hosts Practical Shooting Competitions. This sport of practical shooting tests the ability to shoot both accurately and quickly. These competitions test both shooting skills and mental focus.
Laser Shot took these skill sets into consideration and built five challenging courses that will help any shooter further develop their technique. Giving a shooter the ability to now train in the comforts of an indoor environment all year round, away from the bad weather conditions or travel time, and also the expensive range fees. With this software and Laser Shot hardware a shooter can easily train for a 3-Gun competition.


  • Competitive Scoring System
  • Wood and Metal targets
  • Time and Accuracy Scoring Factors
  • Shoot / No-Shoot Targets
  • Simulates Actual Course Pathways

Pro Shooters Challenge

An increasing demand in shooting competitions now involve much more than just aiming at a motionless target. Today, an individual must be able to move through various stages of an obstacle course, maintaining the control to fire with precision while avoiding the wrong targets.
Laser Shot wanted to assist these shooters and give them the ability to effectively train all year round. Laser Shot built five challenging courses that will help any shooter further develop their technique while giving them the added pressure of a visual time clock. A shooter can now train in the comforts of an indoor environment, and save on ammunition, travel costs, and lost time for bad weather conditions.


  • Course Countdown Time Clock
  • Competitive Scoring System
  • Wood and Metal Targets
  • Moving and Static Targets
  • Shoot / No-Shoot Targets
  • Simulates Actual Course Pathways

Steel Target Course

Steel Target is a marksmanship courseware package that features a variety of targets, environments, and other options available. The course design can be customized for each stage at the instructor’s discretion. Each stage gives a total score that includes scores from previous stages, shows the time taken to complete the stage, targets hit, and a score for that particular stage.

HT-Steel-Targets2-300x225 HT-Steel-Targets-300x225


Judgmental Training Software

Judgmental Training Software (JTS) is Laser Shot’s latest advancement in firearms training technology which provides effective judgmental training through the use of interactive, HD video scenarios at an industry exclusive resolution up to 1920 x 1080. The JTS software includes numerous state-of-art features that will soon become the standard in video based firearms training simulations. JTS includes a user-friendly built-in scenario editor, enabling instructors with even basic computer skills to effortlessly create or modify complex scenarios.

Easy to use tools such as advanced zoning options and simple drag-and-drop controls for importing scenarios into the design canvas, create a simple platform for creating new videos and branches that are then automatically generated and displayed in a top-down, real-time 3D, hierarchal view. During training the instructor can choose manual or an exclusive hands-free branch operation of the scenario thus enabling more instructor/student interaction.

Hunter Education Tools

Shooting skills are important, but it’s imperative to learn and practice safety and responsibility in your hunting activities. Laser Shot Hunter Education Tools are included with our systems because we are committed to educating and reeducating hunters of all ages and experience levels.

From the basics of firearms handling to bow hunting to game cleaning and care, these tools will provide plenty of valuable lessons.

  • Covered Topics
  • Firearm Basics
  • Muzzle loading
  • Shotguns
  • Rifles
  • Handguns
  • Ammunition
  • Firearms Handling and Safety
  • Marksmanship and Shooting Fundamentals
  • Bowhunting
  • Principles of Wildlife Management
  • Hunter Responsibility
  • Game Care & Cleaning